Shakti-The Feminine Energy

Shakti-The Feminine Energy

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shakti's Fund Raising Parachute Jump

“Empowering girls with education today to save the daughters of tomorrow”

Shakti U.K.


Fund Raising Parachute Jump

Jumping to raise £ 15,000 to educate 150 Girls in need

on March 28th, Headcorn Airfield, Maidstone

This initiative is in continuation to the fund raising campaign held to mark the 10th year celebration of Shakti in 2009. In this drive, with the support of enthusiastic people like you Shakti successfully raised funds for the education of 500 girls. This has given us an impetus to support more girls who are not able to afford their education because of lack of funds. Support this parachute jump by Satnam Singh to give a quantum leap of education to the girls in need.

If you want to send us cheque for your sponsorship, please download form and send it to us along with your contribution at Shakti UK, 30 Elmfield Crescent, Birmingham, B13 9TN

For any queries, please write to us at, or

Call Arti - 07949552449, Maggie - 07968535367

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shakti’s 10th year celebration continues...

Now you can lighten the lives till New Year 2010

Educating girls is the real celebration...and all of us at Shakti invite you to keep celebrating with us.

We take this opportunity to thank all of you for making this Diwali special for the under-privileged girls, who were not able to get education due to lack of funds.

This Diwali, Shakti pledged to illuminate the lives of 500 girls. With your support 200 girls will be able to get education this year. There are yet 300 more girls to be educated. So keeping this in view the festival of Shakti will go on until New Year 2010. You can help by supporting the education of these girls and by spreading the word about it. Do encourage your friends and family to be part of this revolution in educating and empowering girls.

Founded and lead by Anandmurti Gurumaa, Shakti has embarked into its 10th year of empowering and educating girls…And to make this Diwali special, memorable and a true celebration, Shakti pledged to lighten the lamp of education in the lives of 500 more girls. Lives of 200 girls have been brightened. 300 are more to be lightened. So the celebration will continue until 2010.

Activities to bring the change

With your generous support and loving help Shakti has been offering scholarships to under-privileged girls to complete their education up to 12th standard. Along with this, from time to time, Shakti has been actively involved in spreading awareness about the causes which have lead to a sharp imbalance in sex ratio. Through various mediums like music, drama, dance, Shakti has been raising its voice to reach out to the society, which has a major role to bring about the change.

Support to empower & educate girls

With the blessings of Anandmurti Gurumaa, Shakti has been instrumental in facilitating education of many under-privileged girls since its inception 10 years ago in 1999. Plans are afoot to expand the horizon of Shakti in order to offer more opportunities to make these girls self-dependent, confident and stronger individuals.

We urge you to join us in this movement to empower the girl child. Your support to this cause can bring an enormous change in society and make a great difference in the lives of the needy girls.

PS: All donations to SHAKTI are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Expression of Stark Reality

Woman is an embodiment of love, grace, and compassion. She creates, she nurtures, she supports, she loves, and she is A POWER HOUSE!!! This bulletin aims to bring forth AWARENESS into the atrocities that are being committed against the woman and her unborn girl child. Please read on……. 

Girl fetuses/babies are being killed in record numbers in India (and abroad). They want boys; but when they conceive a girl, they get her aborted! They are not just killing girls, they are killing US! Why are boys wanted more? Why are girls considered a burden? Look deep inside your own hearts, even you've been brainwashed to believe the myth that you need a son to carry on the family. If you don’t have mothers (girls), where will the sons come from?

Women are 2nd class citizens even today in our society. Their roles are established even before they are born. They are abused in one form or another, however subtle or obvious, from day one. They are never allowed to "belong" anywhere. Before marriage, they are burdens and after marriage, they are considered the evil daughter-in-laws. They are blamed, mentally abused and in some cases, physically abused to make sure they obey the "rules" of the family and of society. The true essence of marriage has been lost and women are not brought in as friends, equal partners, confidantes or true spiritual soul-mates for their sons. They are brought in so as to obtain a sort of lifetime live-in servant for the family. What are a servant’s rights? "Be seen but not be heard!" This also happens to our Indian women here in the United States and other so called civilized western cultures! When the woman begins to see the hypocracy and then starts stepping back from fulfilling the physical, cultural, societal needs of her husband and his family, then she is looked upon as being uncooperative, uncultured, and a disgrace; therefore shunned and ostrasized by him, his family, the society and many times her very own family.

The woman is made to believe that she is the problem and her male counterpart is the "good" one. The man who doesn't drink, gamble, or "run around" is considered a great catch; but a woman of the same traits (and many many more) has no value. When boys are born, huge parties are thrown, when girls are born, it's as if someone has died; they mourn! You hear, "Oh it's okay, don't worry, God will bless you eventually” (with a boy child). But do you know what our own women say to these comments, "You can't change the old folks. That's how they think!" Our own women make excuses for these people?! It is WE who have to change this mentality! Now, in this day and age, these people not only think like that ...but with the aid of technology they are also killing! IT'S GONE BEYOND JUST WORDS. They are now killing these unborn and sometimes even born baby girls! How can we sit here and make excuses for that?!!

Now swallow this if you can?! If back when you were born, about 30 to 40 years ago, if this technology was widely available then as it is today, do you think that you would be around today? Probably NOT! Epecially those of you who have an elder sister or two, you too would have been a victim of this massive societal ignorance. Our plea to you is this: If you really want to make a difference in this society, then take THIS to your woman's groups! Now it's time to defend yourself, your daughters, your sisters, and those little baby girls conceived. The Western woman had to fight for her rights to get to where she is now and FINALLY it's time for the woman of the East to stand up for herself too! Life is so precious! We can't allow ignorance to take that away from these sweet little baby girls! They are our bright future. Look! Without women, who will truly love and nurture? Without women, who will spread the message of peace and compassion? How can people be so stone-hearted, so cold, so dead, as to destroy these most beautiful princesses, these gifts from God! WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! It's time that our voice is finally heard.

Did you know that it only costs $1200 US dollars to educate one girl for her ENTIRE education up to the 12th grade in India? Entire education! If we women get together we can change the world. The problem lies in us. We do not support each other enough and we think, “Well, it's not affecting us; we're not like that, it's not our problem." It IS our problem and it WILL affect us, if it already hasn't! In the state of Punjab, for example, there are approximately 739 girls to 1000 boys (statistics taken 10 years ago, imagine what it may be now!) Where are the other girls for the remaining 261 boys going to come from? Are they going to be stolen from other parts of the country? There will be no woman spared from physical assault or rape REGARDLESS of her age. Ever imagine yourself, your mom, your sister or someone near and dear to you having to fulfill the "needs" of all the men in one family??? IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING and yet our own women continue to make excuses! Come on??!!!

If we can get all our friends together and not only raise money but also make people aware of this reality, positive change can be made! Let’s band together and increase awareness, get the word out; raise funds and put our money to saving these girls (our future). If you are interested in contributing, it's called the "Shakti" initiative (shakti means divine feminine energy). Founded and spearheaded by an enlightened mystic, Anandmurti Gurumaa, Shakti is a wake up call to combat the heinous practices and empower the girl child. The mission of Shakti is to educate the girl child to help them become self reliant and self dependent; to help them realize their potential, and develop sense of self-respect, dignity and self-confidence. Through Shakti we aim to extend our support to the larger sections of girls who are deprived of education because of lack of funds, so that one day they can support themselves and contribute in their best possible way to create a healthier balanced society. Educated girls make a better world! Your contributions are 100% tax deductible. Please pass this on to all caring and listening hearts.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Anandmurti Gurumaa's 'Shakti' offers analytical synthesis of social evils

Source: Tribune, Chandigarh, September 29 - By S.D. Sharma

"With the spiritual wisdom and social ethics reigning supreme, the Vedic age certainly was the golden era of the Indian civilisation which has been influencing the life of the contingent much after its antiquity." Asserted the spiritual guru Anandmurti Gurumaa here today. All religions teach and propound the philosophy of humanism, mutual brotherhood and communal harmony, she maintained while talking to the Tribune after the release of her 26th book "Shakti- The Feminine Energy".

The book is an authoritative treatise of divine utterances offering an analytical synthesis of social evils deeply rooted in the society, their bearing on the life of people in all sections and finally the suggestive and constructive measures for building an ideal society. As a saint does not live up in clouds, Gurumaa, living amidst realities of life has watched the gender disparity for woman. Referring to Vedic period again, she maintained, that woman was regarded and extolled as an angle while today she is tortured victimised and condemned to hellish living in the male dominated society. There used to be the tradition of "swayamber " granting the right to marry a man of her choice and now in the modern period the "honour killings" are common, she lamented.

The book provides the general awakening and measures for resurrection of life of those victimised.

There is a need for the woman's self realisation with insight in to her strengths and weaknesses. Proper education of academics, moral ethics and even yoga and martial arts will empower the woman both mentally and physically to fight against all odds, she emphasised.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The wind beneath my WINGS

Source - Indian Express, Chandigarh - Sheveta Bhatia


The turmoil is evident. Both inside and outside. Blasts creating an unrest nationally, the want for power forming its nest of insecurity in the mind and the unjust social pressures eating up the system...amidst the chaos, we've neglected the basic: "The plight of the building blocks - women, the today and tomorrow of our society," says Anandmurti Gurumaa, as she greets turns the pages of her book 'Shakti, The Feminine Energy'. It was at the book launch in Panchkula that we got to go beyond the cover. "This is a tribute to women and will help them discover the power and grace within," says Gurumaa, who feels that despite the 'modernism', women are still not enlightened enough and are mentally, physically and intellectually dependent.

"They still have a long way to go. They need to walk the path of self healing and should understand that they have a right to live life their own way." Women, she feels, need to stand up and voice out their rights and expand their horizon to achieve holistic fulfillment" And for this, she needs to be educated, aware, have the ability to make decisions," Gurumaa's remedy lies in yoga, meditation and chanting mantras, not for God, but for the self. "For they have the precise structure to heal the mind and build on concentration," Gurumaa reveals the secret to inner peace.


Talking about the inherent power of women and the misconceptions conditioned by the society, the men, she reflects too need to undergo a change of perspective. "Rather than asking women to dress in a particular manner, men should change the way they look at her. Instead of suppressing her thoughts, men should just concentrate on their own," this, she says, is for the benefit of the man. "A free mind makes for a happy woman and a happy woman, a happy family," her logic is crystal clear. Stability of the mind is of utmost importance, she asserts.


Switching from subjects as varying from Zen, Sufi, Upanishad, Buddhism, to bard sages, philosophy, art, history, and yoga, Gurumaa speaks to the modern mind using ancient wisdom such as the vedas, sufism, and Buddhism. "Upanishads hold answers to today's problems and states what we need to do today -- give the lady her wings and let her be free and see the nation progress with her."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shakti Dinner & Dance 2008

Above is the vivid collection of pictures reminicising the Shakti Dance & Dinner program. Under the dynamic guidance of Anandmurti Gurumaa, Shakti Dinner & Dance was organised by an enthusiastic group based in London, U.K. to raise funds for the education of under privileged girls. The main theme of the program was to propagate the message of Shakti - Empower Girls to become self reliant and strong individualsThe organising team wore t-shirts with the inspiring messages like 'Girls are assets and not liabilities', 'Females are not E-mails, don't delete them!'...Besides, a conscious endeavour was made to create awareness amongst all to combat the barbaric act of female foeticide. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A step toward welfare of the girl child

India to provide insurance, cash incentives for girl-child

The Ministry for Women and Child Development is finalising a scheme to provide insurance cover for every girl-child from a below the poverty line (BPL) family, as incentive for bringing her up and providing her with good education and healthcare

The Indian government is floating a scheme which will give up to Rs 1.4 lakh each to families with daughters who reach adulthood, in the 10 poorest districts of five states that have the worst sex ratio, including Punjab and Haryana. The Conditional Cash and Non-Cash Transfer Scheme will be formally announced by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, on January 26.

According to Nandita Mishra, Joint Secretary in the ministry, under the scheme being floated jointly with the Life Insurance Corporation of India, Rs 1 lakh will be given to families that guarantee their girls reaching the age of 18. Only families that fulfil the following conditions with respect to a girl-child -- birth and registration, immunisation, school enrolment, and marriage after 18 years -- will receive the cash incentives.

Bihar , Orissa and Jharkhand are the three other states -- besides Punjab and Haryana, where female foeticide and infanticide are rampant -- where the scheme will be offered.

However, while Rs 1 lakh will automatically accrue to the parents of girl-children in eligible districts who are unmarried when they turn 18, they must fulfil certain criteria pertaining to their children's welfare. Parents must ensure that their daughters have an 80% school attendance record and that they are not being forced into marriage before they reach the age of 19.

Under the scheme, the government will provide cash transfers of Rs 5,000 at the time of the girl's birth and registration; Rs 500 after every three months, for immunisation; Rs 2,500 at the time of her school enrolment; Rs 1,000 every year till the completion of primary school; Rs 5,000 at the time of enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till the completion of elementary school; and Rs 7,500 for enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till the girl completes her secondary and higher secondary education. The rest of the money will be handed over at the age of 18, if the girl is unmarried.

The project will first be implemented as a pilot in 11 blocks of the country. While 10 of the chosen blocks are economically backward, the ministry has chosen one prosperous block -- Sirhind in Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab) that has the lowest child sex ratio of 766 per 1,000 males, according to the 2001 census. “The inclusion of a rich block will enable a comparative study among outcomes in economically varying blocks,” says Mishra.

This is only the latest in a number of cash incentive schemes to promote the survival and welfare of the girl-child in India. The ultimate objective is to change society's perceptions about the girl-child, thus curbing the rampant practice of sex-selective abortion and infanticide that has led to a steadily declining child sex ratio.

Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chowdhury said the ministry had proposed the scheme during the Eleventh Plan.

The scheme's most significant component is insurance coverage to the tune of Rs 1 lakh to ensure the survival of the girl-child. The ministry believes that huge insurance cover in addition to cash transfers at birth will force families to view girl-children more positively. “Poverty is a huge constraint in the way of birth and development of a girl-child. We realised that well-designed financial incentives can transform negative perceptions regarding daughters and make people view them as assets. Conditional cash transfers can effect behaviour changes,” says Mishra.

Similar conditional cash transfer schemes have been in operation in Brazil, Nicaragua, Columbia, Chile and Mexico. Brazil has a national programme that transfers $ 19 every month to an estimated 5 million families. The cash is transferred on condition that a minimum school attendance of 85% is ensured for children between six and 15 years of age.

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